About FAM Group Consulting LLC company

FAM Group Consulting LLC is one of the entities in FAM Group family. It was registerd with the government on 08.01.2019 under the registration no. 1912020003906600. As FAM Group Consulting LLC, we offer our clients services in accordanc with international and local standards. In a very short period of time, FAM Group Consulting LLC made great achievements, earned customers’ trust, the company’s customer base has extended, and occupies one of the leading positions in the region. The success of our company is based on expertise of our colleagues and we very much enjoy serving our customers to the best of our ability. We guarantee the quality and confidentiality of the services we provide.

Our services

Services of FAM Group Consulting LLC

FAM Group Consulting LLC offers the following services to its clients through its experienced staff with the necessary knowledge and skills, currently operating from its main office in Ganja and its branch in Baku:

Economic legal advice

Business legal consulting services for legal entites and individuals

HR business consulting services

Employment contract, legal obligations of the parties to the employment contract, notice of the employment contract, labor protection, etc. other consulting services in accordance with the labor legislation

Customs advisory services

All services related to foreign economic activity (contracts, registration of contracts, import, export, etc.)

Tax advisory services on the tax obligations of individuals and corporates

Determination of tax liabilities, declaration obligations, tax debts

Accounting advisory services

Preparation of a company accounting policy, accounting services in accordance with the Law on Accounting of Azerbaijan Republic and IFRS

Audit services

Audit in accordance with International Audit Standards, internal audit, audit of accounting systems, etc.


FAM Group Consulting has gained a loyal customer base in a very short period of time.

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